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Our People Keep Production Running.

The Maintenance Recruiter specializes in placing:

  • Maintenance Managers

  • Maintenance Mechanics

  • Maintenance Technicians

We Rise to the Occasion!


The Bakery Recruiter specializes in placing Food Professionals in Commercial Bakeries - nationwide.


Typical positions include: specializes in placing US-Payroll Managers in Leadership positions at Production and Manufacturing Plants along the US-Border of northern Mexico.  We are considered the expert in Management Recruiters for Mexico Maquiladoras.

Typical Positions include:

  • General Manager

  • Plant Manager

  • Director of Operations

  • Production Supervisors

  • Human Resource Managers

  • Finance Controllers

  • Accounting Managers

  • Supply Chain Managers

  • Materials Managers

  • Logistics Managers

  • Distribution Managers

  • Transportation Managers

  • Customs Managers

  • Engineering Managers

  • Quality Managers

  • EH&S Manager

  • IT Managers

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